Knowledge base of architecture, recorded from code

AppLand serves as a complete database of your application’s behavior and data flows. Find the answer you’re looking for in an always up-to-date, queryable catalog of:

  • End-to-end code behavior and data flows
  • Web services
  • SQL queries and data model
  • Code packages, classes and methods
  • Security-related activity
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Automatic, interactive visual diagrams

No more modeling! Let your software model itself automatically, with every commit and every proposed change. Accurate whiteboard-style architecture diagrams are drawn automatically for you - directly from the application itself.

  • Get early warnings of important design changes before they progress to problems. Data is captured from development, staging and CI environments, giving you time to react.
  • Get interactive! Zoom in on what allows you to communicate important changes between your team and stakeholders.
  • Share and embed diagrams in documentation and presentations.
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Powerful search & filtering

Find the answers you need quickly, at the right level of focus. Interface with the development team at their level of work. Carve out the data you want to see and share it.

  • Filter on keywords to identify changes to sensitive data or changes that impact critical dependencies.
  • Search on specific web service routes, classes, packages, keywords, tables, test group names, and more to drill down to the areas you care about.
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