Visual debugging

Take the guesswork out of debugging, by recording and inspecting backend code and data paths.

Browser extension

Easily map UI actions to what is happening on the backend. You can use the AppLand browser extension to record AppMaps of the server performing any command you wish.

Read about the browser extension

Code flow diagram

Explore the code paths and queries performed by the backend in detail. Search, filter, and refine the visualizations. Quickly find identify error codes, exceptions, security-related code, web service calls, and SQL queries.

Trace SQL queries resulting from this POST in ifme


Need help tracking down the problem? Share a URL to the view you've created with your colleagues. They will see exactly what you see. Get more eyes on the problem to raidly identify the root cause.

Share a link to this Kafka scenario with a friend

Source code integration

Drop down into source code to see exactly what each function is doing, and then go back to the "big picture" by switching back to the code flow diagram.

Try it in this Refinery CMS scenario

Hint: In the code flow diagram, right click on the box with the pink highlight.