Detect architecture flaws

Define and enforce architecture constraints on your applications. Select from a variety of preset constraints or customize your own to fit the needs of your organization. AppLand will prevent architecture violations during CI/CD testing, ensuring that the application’s architecture remains within specification. Example architecture rules include:

  • Limiting external service access to a single layer, module or interface
  • Preventing relationships between non-adjacent layers or specific modules
  • Constraining the direction or type of data flow between specific layers or modules

Stop risky changes in their tracks

Once reaching production, the cost of fixing an architectural flaw rises exponentially.

  • Behavioral errors, such as missing a critical step in authentication.
  • Security flaws, such as acceptance of untrusted data without sanitization.
  • Data violations, such as clear-text storage of sensitive information.
  • Side effects, such as an unplanned behavioral change in an unrelated system.
  • Performance issues or bottlenecks, such as queries for excessive data.
  • Technical debt as a result of poor encapsulation, excessive coupling, etc.